Hey I'm Rachid Sebbouh, a Backend Laravel Developer in Québec

I build Web Applications, Internal Tools, Automation, APIs

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Who am I?

Hey there ! I'm Rachid Sebbouh, a senior Backend Laravel Developer. I mostly worked building both static and dynamic websites, created various dashboards, contributed on apps from internal tools to SaaS, integrated external APIs as well as setuped new ones.

I discovered Laravel in 2015 and since then I keep myself up to date on this ecosystem through my blog (in French only for now) and my Twitter. I also publish videos on my YouTube channel and do some live-coding sessions on my Twitch channel. I'll be happy discussing your project.


Web Application

Let's create an application that meets all your needs using the best practices in the industry.


Branch your data to any apps or connect to a supplier's API thanks to my expertise.

My Dev. Blog

I enjoy writing articles about PHP, Laravel and web development in general. I post my english content on dev.to .


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